Lee Flour Mill Documents


We bought our model S600 Lee Flour Mill in 1973 while we lived in Japan. Since it was difficult at the time to ship things back to the States for repair, we usually ordered some replacement parts along with anything likely to need them.

Well, we never needed to replace any parts in the mill (and yikes! it’s been more than 30 years!). The company has long gone out of business.

I still have the information that was sent along with it. Every so often I’m asked for information on the mill, so I thought it might be useful to scan it and post it all in one place for reference. There must be hundreds of these workhorse appliances still in circulation.

Please download and keep your own copy of anything you need here. To do that, right-click and select “Save target as.”

Also, if you have documents that I don’t have, I’d appreciate a scan so they may be included. Please send to: larry [at] freerangegourmet.com .

This is a list of pretty much everything that came with the mill, even if not directly related. Files are all in PDF format.

It seems that Dr. Royal Lee was somewhat controversial. In addition to the Lee Engineering Company which produced his mechanical inventions (including the Lee Flour Mill), he was engaged in several enterprises related to human nutrition. When the flour mill was delivered, several of his brochures and pamphlets were included.

If you are interested, Google will reveal much about Dr. Lee, his beliefs and his enterprises, but unfortunately, not much about his flour mill.



Document Links






Lee Flour Mill brochure



Operating and Maintenance Instructions



Notes on Use



Order Form and Price List



Removing the Stone



Replacing the Carborundum Grinding Stone



Parts List



Mill Loose on Stand






Wrench Envelope



Why Should I Bother to Grind My Own Wheat Flour?



A response to my query letter about grinding millet and spare parts



Lee Foundation Reprint No. 58: A Concept of Totality



Lee Foundation Reprint No.1: Bleaching of Flour






Lee Foundation Reprint No. 75: Hidden Dangers in White Bread



Lee Foundation Reprint No. 44: Our Daily Bread



Lee Foundation Reprint No. 38B: The Cereal Grains -- Some of their Special Characteristics



Essential Foods flyer on Deaf Smith County Wheat Flour